We help to design and evaluate new innovative blockchain protocols in order to obtain the highest performance and efficiency.

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We contribute to build and stress test some of the most resilient and robust decentralized protocols ever deployed on the Internet.

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We aim to create the next generation of scalable blockchain technology, several orders of magnitude more powerful than existing solutions.

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Eth2 Network Crawler. Let's walk around the network.

In order to increase scalability, Eth2 will be a composition of many blockchains, called shards, connected through a back-bone, called the beacon chain. This new architecture poses pressure on different parts of the protocol and open new forms of complexity. At Miga Labs we are building systems to make sense of the vast amount of data coming from the Eth2 network.

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Eth2 Clients Study. The key is called decentralization.

In the world of blockchain, one should not rely on one single point of failure. Diversity in software is one of the main strategies to avoid having catastrophic attacks. This is why the Eth2 ecosystem has multiple client implementations. At Miga Labs we are monitoring the evolution of those clients in terms performance, reliability and on resource utilization. We also aim to standardize a common interface across all clients.

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