Armiarma : The Eth2 Network Crawler

What does the crawler do?

Armiarma is an open-source tool designed to monitor and analyze the p2p network of Eth2. With the focus on reporting human-readable results, our engine performs a unique analysis of the perceived status of the network. The academic and research motivation of the team seeks to provide insights from the recently launched Eth2 Beacon Chain.
Our results, transparently gathered and easy to reproduce, will be accessible for the entire community. We are pleased to share our knowledge and work to assist the development of Eth2.

Armiarma features

  • Explore the insights of the recently launched Beacon Chain from a p2p network perspective.
  • Analyze the geographical distribution of the Eth2 nodes in the network.
  • Check the Eth2 clients' popularity among the network as well as their average network performance.
  • Protect your node from network anomalies and intentional attacks.

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Discovering the network topology

The protocol distribution along the network sounds really nice on paper. But how do we guarantee it? How do we know that all the nodes do not belong to the same individual or entity?
Among all the proposed analysis types, our engine compiles the geographical location of the connected nodes in the network. Filtering the places by countries, the tool can represent the geographical node distribution in a simple chart.

Clients popularity

The first steps in decentralized platforms are always hard. With already more than 5 stable clients to choose from, doubts, questions, and comparisons are constantly around. Armiarma offers data that compares the experienced behavior from the different clients and versions seen on the network. We openly show the client and version distribution observed on the network during the test executions.

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Analyzing the liveness of the nodes

Unfortunately, not all the nodes are deployed in the network with the same purpose. As in any other decentralized platform, the economic value attached to the protocol serves as a magnet for bad actors. After some modifications to the Eth2 communication protocols, our tool can track any single broadcasted message in the network. Analyzing the message traffic coming from each of the connected nodes allows our crawler to measure the availability, liveness and reliability of the nodes.

Armiarma is a Winner!!!

Armiarma was selected as one of the winners of the ONTOCHAIN Blockchain Ecosystem. Together with other 17 European projects, our network crawler has been selected under the name of "KUMO" to participate in the Open Call 1 to develop the Next Generation Internet. Our team seeks to push the limits of blockchain technology towards a more secure and trustable internet. Do not miss the chance to follow the project steps in the challenge.